Mary Ruth Rubino

Mary R. Rubino is a 2010 graduate of Thomas Institute of Hypnosis
and a certified hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Her full time practice has an 85% base of clients being treated for anxiety, stress
and related behaviors; over eating, smoking and addictions.
The other 15 % are various fears ( like flying ) and phobias.
Mary has a nineteen year history with Universal Wilde as a client owner, team leader and production coordinator.
She is a past 2009 President of Framingam/Natick Toastmasters public speaking club with awards
for speaking, leadership and speech contests, winning both club and area inspirational speech contests.
In 2006-2008 she was a patient speaker and meeting organizer for the Renal Support Network in Glendale,CA.
She was blessed by the gift of a kidney from a deceased donor, and is a 2005 kidney transplant recipient.
Mary has specialty certificates in weight management,sports enhancement,
and Past life regression.
Mary teaches a variety of workshops and groups for:
•    Self-Hypnosis -for stress reduction.
•    Weight Management
•    Smoking Cessation
•    Creativeness
•    Team building
•    Inspiration and goal setting through her Hypnosis-Vision board workshop
•    We board, and As if Party workshops.

Workshops recently taught:
•    The Rhode Island Romance Writers 2015 retreat creative vision board/hypnosis workshop.
•    Team building workshop June 17, 2015 First Unitarian Universalist Church.

Mary’s passion is rooted in helping people create a healthy and joyful life.
Mary, lives  in  Medway, has two daughters, Colleen and Frances,
a grandson Jared and a crazy cat named Juliet.