Self-hypnosis techniques that Mary taught me have empowered me.

When I first went to Mary Rubino for hypnosis therapy I was seeking an alternative treatment  to traditional therapy. I had already tried that without much success. I was experiencing depression and anxiety and my emotions were fragile. Having never tried hypnosis I wasn’t sure what to expect. At our initial meeting, Mary put me at ease within minutes. Each subsequent meeting left me feeling more in control of my life and feelings. My one regret is that I didn’t find Mary sooner. She has helped me reveal the real me through the power of hypnosis. The self hypnosis techniques that Mary taught me have empowered me with the ability to work through any issue at any time day or night.


H.S., Milford, MA

I am smoke free

“I tried many times and many methods to quit smoking without any success. I turned to Rubino Hypnosis for help with this battle. Hypnosis worked. I am smoke free since my session. Thank heavens for Mary Rubino.”

R.J., Franklin

You were my last hope

Hi Mary,
I just wanted to write you an email to tell you what a success your hypnosis has been for me.
You were my last hope.  I went to see a Psychiatrist and Doctors in the past.  Their cure was to take Lorazepam and other drugs that didn’t work.  I had a heart attack about a year ago and I truly believe it was from my anxiety about my claustrophobia. Sleep was impossible for me because I was so claustrophobic,  which in turn was affecting my health and heart. Since I was pushed to go see you (cause I didn’t believe it would work) I have been having the greatest sleep in years.

It really worked for me.  It’s not just the sleeping part but I feel great as well.  It’s like I have a different outlook on things.  I’m 55 years old and really was at my wits end.

Thank you so much for the life changer.  I’m so glad I went to see you.  This might sound crazy but you saved my life.
Thanks so much!!!!


I was amazed at how clearly I could see what I wanted in my life!

When I participated in this workshop I was amazed at how clearly I could see what I wanted in my life!  I could even smell my new car, and I saw myself driving it!!  I feel more confident now and know anything is possible!!

Linda Harper

I was skeptical initially

I was skeptical initially when someone had recommended using hypnosis to help resolve my anxiety issues, but I talked to Mary and she was very warm and comforting in the phone conversation we had so I decided to go into it with an open mind.  I have to admit that Mary’s style of hypnotherapy went way above my expectations, she was very personable, professional and easy going. I really appreciate that Mary did not say you need to visit me X amount of times to be better, rather its how much you want to overcome this and how willing you are to use the tools she provides.

If you are suffering from any anxiety related issues I highly recommend giving Mary a chance to help you, you will not regret it.  I now have tools and practices that I can use any time I am feeling stress and Mary will always make time for me if I need to see her for a “tune up”.  Thank you Mary you have been a big help.


A lot of positive change has certainly happened for me since taking Mary’s workshop

The Vision Hypnosis workshop helped me work through some blockage in my underlying vision of where I want my business to go. I’m a self-employed graphic artist — a very visually oriented person — and creating a “motivational poster” for myself by collecting pictures, bright colors, and words to help fill in the symbolic gaps was just what I needed. It’s in my office where I can see it every day and a lot of positive change has certainly happened for me since taking Mary’s workshop.


I have so much more drive and motivation- more than ever before

Thanks again for the amazing workshop. Everyone raved about it! Personally, it helped me tremendously.
I have so much more drive and motivation- more than ever before.
(I even managed to write a whole book in 3 1/2 weeks! I can honestly say I’ve never done that before!)
I’ve also finally changed my diet (have been struggling to go gluten-free for years- it’s been 2 straight weeks now and I’m feeling great.)
I owe all of this to you and your workshop.”

A.T. Blackstone, MA

Help with Binge eating

Mary was awesome to work with. I went to her for my binge eating/restricting problem that i have been battling for over two years. She was able to get to the root of the problem and help me understand WHY i was binging to begin with.

She is very caring and understanding and will follow up with you after your hypnosis multiple times to make sure you are staying on track. She also gives information on self hypnosis and self affirmations to use at home. All in all a very positive experience. She has very reasonable prices and it is well worth it–  I recommend her to any and everyone who needs help with ANYTHING. And best of all, I am now officially 27 days binge free!! 🙂


Thanks Mary for a great workshop!

“The Vision Board workshop that Mary offered in June 2013 was awesome! It had been a few years since I created something like that, and it was very specific. I really wasn’t sure what to expect this time, but the workshop delivered more than expected.

Through creating the boards, Mary led us through envisioning what we expected out of our lives. And more importantly, after a few months, when I look at my board, I am determined to make those visions a reality. Also, the relaxation techniques that she taught us at the end of the workshop have come in handy at stressful times. Mary’s presentation methods were exceptional as she expertly delivered the message to envision your dreams. Thanks Mary for a great workshop!”


Doing hypnosis with Mary

This was nothing like I thought it might be.
There are no twirling, sparkling objects, no overly dramatic ‘”you are getting sleepy”.
No weird twitchy behavioral compulsions that shows up afterwards ( like in stage shows).
I would have to say it comes closer to a deep meditation experience with some ‘positive thinking’ suggestions thrown in.
That’s how I felt after the session, profoundly at ease and a bit of uplifted spirits.
The results over the following days were amazing. Not dramatic changes in behavior,
but just an easily accessible opening to begin doing what I asked for help with.
Truly, I was surprised at how well it’s worked and keep working even months later.

And Mary, herself, is amazing.
When I go in and lay out the problem as I see it and the goal I have in mind or the result I am looking for,
she takes all the information in and finds the underlying thing that needs addressing.
In my experiences with her, she’s been exactly right every time in choosing the proper thing to do to help me- often something that I never even mentioned. That is a great skill that can’t be taught and makes working with her an awesome experience.

Jennifer R- Franklin,MA

In an Individual Hypnosis session

I recently had a hypnosis session with Mary Rubino. During our intial intake, Mary was very attentive and intuitive to my needs. She was incredibly thorough and knowledgeable as well. I am honestly impressed with her ability as a hypnotist.

It was such a peaceful and calming experience, I can’t wait to do it again!
I went with to specific issues and she was able to assist me with both.
I would highly reccomend Mary to anyone looking for a great hypnotist


Lori-Milford, Ma

Rubino Hypnosis made a huge difference for me

“Rubino Hypnosis made a huge difference for me in overcoming fear of speaking for a special presentation series.
After weeks feeling panic and dread, I decided to see Mary for help. After my visit, I felt greatly calmed.
I was able to make important changes to my presentation script because I was able to think more clearly and less frantically.
I felt much more confident, and I channeled my nerves to give me energy and focus.
The outcome was very successful: The audience was super responsive, I enjoyed doing it, and the event organizer was thrilled.
Mission accomplished. I know for certain I would not have gotten past my mental blocks without Mary’s skillful help.”


KN, Natick, Ma