Help with Binge eating

Mary was awesome to work with. I went to her for my binge eating/restricting problem that i have been battling for over two years. She was able to get to the root of the problem and help me understand WHY i was binging to begin with.

She is very caring and understanding and will follow up with you after your hypnosis multiple times to make sure you are staying on track. She also gives information on self hypnosis and self affirmations to use at home. All in all a very positive experience. She has very reasonable prices and it is well worth it–¬† I recommend her to any and everyone who needs help with ANYTHING. And best of all, I am now officially 27 days binge free!! ūüôā


Thanks Mary for a great workshop!

“The Vision Board workshop that Mary offered in June 2013 was awesome! It had been a few years since I created something like that, and¬†it was very specific. I really¬†wasn’t sure what to expect this time, but the workshop delivered more than expected.

Through creating the boards, Mary led us through envisioning what we expected out of our lives. And more importantly, after a few months, when I look at my board, I am determined to make those visions a reality. Also, the¬†relaxation techniques that she taught us at the end of the workshop have come in handy at stressful times. Mary’s presentation methods were exceptional as she expertly delivered the message¬†to envision your dreams.¬†Thanks Mary for a great workshop!”


Doing hypnosis with Mary

This was nothing like I thought it might be.
There are no twirling, sparkling objects, no overly dramatic ‘”you are getting sleepy”.
No weird twitchy behavioral compulsions that shows up afterwards ( like in stage shows).
I would have to say it comes closer to a deep meditation experience with some ‘positive thinking’ suggestions thrown in.
That’s how I felt after the session, profoundly at ease and a bit of uplifted spirits.
The results over the following days were amazing. Not dramatic changes in behavior,
but just an easily accessible opening to begin doing what I asked for help with.
Truly, I was surprised at how well it’s worked and keep working even months later.

And Mary, herself, is amazing.
When I go in and lay out the problem as I see it and the goal I have in mind or the result I am looking for,
she takes all the information in and finds the underlying thing that needs addressing.
In my experiences with her, she’s been exactly right every time in choosing the proper thing to do to help me- often something that I never even mentioned. That is a great skill that can’t be taught and makes working with her an awesome experience.

Jennifer R- Franklin,MA

In an Individual Hypnosis session

I recently had a hypnosis session with Mary Rubino. During our intial intake, Mary was very attentive and intuitive to my needs. She was incredibly thorough and knowledgeable as well. I am honestly impressed with her ability as a hypnotist.

It was such a peaceful and calming experience, I can’t wait to do it again!
I went with to specific issues and she was able to assist me with both.
I would highly reccomend Mary to anyone looking for a great hypnotist


Lori-Milford, Ma