A lot of positive change has certainly happened for me since taking Mary’s workshop

The Vision Hypnosis workshop helped me work through some blockage in my underlying vision of where I want my business to go. I’m a self-employed graphic artist — a very visually oriented person — and creating a “motivational poster” for myself by collecting pictures, bright colors, and words to help fill in the symbolic gaps was just what I needed. It’s in my office where I can see it every day and a lot of positive change has certainly happened for me since taking Mary’s workshop.


I have so much more drive and motivation- more than ever before

Thanks again for the amazing workshop. Everyone raved about it! Personally, it helped me tremendously.
I have so much more drive and motivation- more than ever before.
(I even managed to write a whole book in 3 1/2 weeks! I can honestly say I’ve never done that before!)
I’ve also finally changed my diet (have been struggling to go gluten-free for years- it’s been 2 straight weeks now and I’m feeling great.)
I owe all of this to you and your workshop.”

A.T. Blackstone, MA

Smoke free after 20 years!!

Okay, full disclosure. Mary Rubino is my mother. Which is why I was very nervous about having her help me end my smoking addiction. I didn’t want it to be a ‘thing’ between us if I failed. I finally screwed up the courage to try last month, because I did not want to turn 35 as a smoker. We did hypnosis by phone, which is fabulous! I got to lie in my own comfy bed in my own comfy pajamas and relax COMPLETELY, which is quite a feat for someone as tightly wound as I am!

She helped me focus not on what I was giving up, but instead on what I was gaining. Over $3000 a year!! When you have that thought in your head, it’s a lot easier to walk past that convenience store!

As of last night, I have been smoke free for a whole month. And I have gained almost NO weight during that time!! Bring it on, 35. I’m ready!!


Colleen M.

Help with Binge eating

Mary was awesome to work with. I went to her for my binge eating/restricting problem that i have been battling for over two years. She was able to get to the root of the problem and help me understand WHY i was binging to begin with.

She is very caring and understanding and will follow up with you after your hypnosis multiple times to make sure you are staying on track. She also gives information on self hypnosis and self affirmations to use at home. All in all a very positive experience. She has very reasonable prices and it is well worth it–  I recommend her to any and everyone who needs help with ANYTHING. And best of all, I am now officially 27 days binge free!! :)